Artist: Felix Kubin & James Pants
Format: 7"
Catalog: APO6
Release Date: 1.7.2013
Order: sold out

With this 7" two glorious bastards Felix Kubin and James Pants have gone into a bond more combustive than hydrogen. They offer you a taste of their explosive alliance right from the start.
The piece Tanzen+Blitzen (Dancing+Lightning) with its German Wirtschaftswunder beat takes no excuses from tired feet. Kali personally beats her drums while Dionysus spills his drinks to the rhythm. The other side of the vinyl chimes with drums from the bush and spherical computer synthie sounds: the track "Glass" could have come out of a 1950's science fiction film where the daughter of a professor from a galactic research lab gets kidnapped from rainforest extraterrestrials. In the end she, out of pity, marries the leader of the oppressed tribe.

Edition: 200 copies.

One side: Tanzen+Blitzen (3:01)
Other side: Glass (3:37)