Artist: Mariola Brillowska
Format: 7"
Catalog: APO7
Release Date: 1.7.2013
Order: sold out

Mariola Brillowska generates a flood of pictures with her words. It is a cinematic spectacle whose claws cling to the listeners brain. This single is like a coin with the same face on both sides; no matter how you toss it, it turns out Love.
The chanson "Liebeskrebs" (Love Cancer) is slow, morbid and seductive. It is a swing of darkness arising from absolute devotion and self destruction, accompanied by Felix Kubin's saturnine synthesizer sounds. Yonder, a jubilation anthem, "Am Größten ist die Liebe" (The Greatest is Love). Performed with a hoarse voice and absolutely no instruments, it is an homage that celebrates the biggest moment almost innocently. No matter how different these two songs may be, they stem from the same paradoxical motif; to completely turn to love while collapsing under it at the same time.

One side: Liebeskrebs (3:25)
Other side: Am Größten ist die Liebe (2:14)