Artist: Scott Haggart/Lary Seven/Felix Kubin
Title: 1:17 (2014)
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2032
Release Date: 07.11.2014
Order: stora

Live recording from ISSUE Project Room, 22 November 2009. Scott Haggart, Lary Seven and Felix Kubin further expand the territory of the original conceptual vinyl record, “1:17", a continuous and lifelong composition by Scott Haggart.

The original edit was psychotopologically derived from a 0.7 millisecond recorded extract of sound from a concert performed by the then anonymous Scottish art collective, DISKONO (2000). It took many years for the artist to further superimpose and expand the 0.7 ms component into the original 1:17 second composition, which he describes as “a bombardment of fractal concrete sound.” Within a tradition of absurd spectrality and with the satisfactory feeling brought about by orchestrating a 1:17 secs long work (from 0.7 ms), it continues to be used as ongoing source material for new interpretations of the composition, 1:17.  

For this presentation, multimedia alchemist Lary Seven had a profane and undefined interaction that involved realtime 1/4” reel-to-reel tape manipulation, a bottle of wine and custom leather glove with Scott Haggart (original 1:17 12” vinyl, customized turntable, local mix) & Felix Kubin (samples, synths, master mix).

The record is cut at 45 rpm by groove digger wizard, Rashad Becker.


1:17 (side 1+2)