Artist: Eli Gras
Title: Museum of the Dry Bugs
Format: MC
Release date: 01.05.2019
Order: Stora regular edition / wooden box edition
Download: bandcamp (promo)

This endearing and quite odd compilation of 27 low-fi tracks was recorded between 1983 and 1992 by sound maverick Eli Gras on cassette players and 4-track machine. The early songs and sound sketches allow a peek into the talent dome of this unusual artist who is in the game for a long time. Next to making music she is running the underground festival "No No Logic" in her home town Barcelona and builds her own beautiful instruments.  

In addition to the regular tape edition, Gagarin Records releases a special edition of 30 wooden boxes containing the tape "inside a piece of soap". According to Miss Gras, this is a new form of music archaeology related to the idea of an "insect inside amber". There is a download code for the impatient but you can also wash your hands and background noises until the preserved object of desire slips out of its cocoon.  

Regular tape edition: 90 copies
Special box edition with tape inside soap: 30 copies


1 Taxi
2 Insectes
3 Hawai Sustitos
4 Bicicleta Robada
5 Gru
6 Osos
7 Grill
8 Muñeca Revés
9 War
10 Automatic-Automat
11 Flut
12 Camp
13 Comba
14 Sica

15 China
16 Flu
17 Elis
18 Clau
19 Negre    
20 Cajita
21 Nido   
22 Masa   
23 Sigma
24 Muñeca
25 Uuu
26 Mand
27 La Nave Va

Soap Insects