Artist: Various
Title: Historische Aufnahmen / Historical Recordings Vol I
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2013
Release Date: 01.12.2010
Order: sold out

With almost universal access to the internet and the rise of the online archive it may appear that the entire history of recorded sound is only a few mouse clicks away.  However, the 2008 discovery in a Paris archive of a phonautograph recording of Au Clair de Lune from 1860 demonstrated that fragile treasures remain to be discovered by the dedicated explorer.

Felix Kubin has spent the last 5 years investigating, tracking down and collecting a stunning selection of hitherto neglected recordings from archives and private collections. With an eye for the antique curiosity, and an ear for the curious dusty beauty of abandoned transmissions from the past, he is now proud to present this first collection of historical recordings.

The recordings presented here offer many and diverse pleasures from the analogue realm. Amongst the jewels offered are chronicles of eccentric machines, alleged occult occurences on telephone exchanges, drunken whalers, marine plankton, music hall entertainers, Nazi attempts to play proto-synthesizers, uncategorisable oddities, and lost documents by originators of the avant-garde.

This deluxe vinyl only edition is presented in lavish packaging including a booklet which contains an essay by Felix Kubin, extensive notes on each track and illustrations.


1 Mechanisch-automatischer Sprachapparat 
2 Arjaru, Fernmeldeamt Finnland 
3 Norwegische Walfang-Festspiele
4 Maschinenaufnahme
5 David Tudor – ohne Titel
6 Marmara Meeresplankton
7 Tommy Wooden – Pig Square Dance

8 Pygmäisches Jagdritual
9 Demonstration des Volkstrautoniums
10 Welimir Chlebnikow – Futuristische Fußsoldaten
11 Mouvement Situationniste
12 Nicht identifizierte Tonbandaufnahme
13 Hans Henny Jahnn - ohne Titel (1948)

Konkret (DE) April 2011
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (DE) May 2011
The Wire (UK) March 2011
goMAG (ES) March 2011
Skug (AT) April 2011
Lidovky (CZ) March 2011
Blow Up (IT) March 2011