Mr. Vernon is a sound artist, musician and radio producer based in Glasgow. He makes soundtracks, installations and live performances as well as releasing recordings of his own work. He was a founding member of Glasgow's pirate art radio collective, 'Radio Tuesday', who set up a community radio station and broadcast innovative mixes of art and music in Glasgow and Helsinki.

He has produced programmes and features for numerous radio stations including 'WFMU', 'Resonance fm', New Media Scotland and the BBC. 'The Derby Tape Club', a programme about amateur tape recording enthusiasts in the 60's and 70's, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004.

Mr. Vernon is one third of the trio 'Hassle Hound' who have records released on Pickled Egg, Textile and Twisted Nerve and played extensively throughout the U.K. and in France. A new release is planned on Staubgold, Berlin. Mr. Vernon has also recorded and performed as Boy Band Tax Returns with Mr. Burns.

Mr. Burns has a layman's ear.

Vernon & Burns will be appearing at the Gagarin Records Label Night on 18.2.05 at Hebbel Theatre in Berlin.