New releases out very soon!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gagarin Records, 3 new releases will be put out at the same time:

1. GR 2018 Pete Um
2. GR 2021 Ergo Phizmiz
3. GR 2022 Echokrank

Pete Um's LP has already arrived at our headquarters and it looks simply beautiful. An extraordinary art work has been provided by Antwerpen's mastermind Dennis Tyfus who also runs one of my favourite labels: Ultraeczema. The record is accompanied by an inlay with all of Mr. Um's miraculous lyrics.

The official release date of these three records is September 2008, although they might be available already by July. We are currently trying to set up a Gagarin Records showcase tour with all of these bands playing live. Watch the news, we might play around your corner.

For more details about the Gagarin 10th anniversary check out the special news on this website soon.

Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester: music for theatre and radio play
out on Dekorder 022
Right from the start Felix Kubin has written and recorded music for films (hence the title of his first album) by the likes of Mariola Brillowska and Anke Feuchtenberger and continues the German tradition of Hoerspiel (radio play) with works such as Territerrortorium, Nachtspeicher, Orpheus' Psykotron and Syndikat fuer Gegenlaerm.
This CD compiles music for theatre and radio plays. While the musical spectrum covers a variety of styles and moods, it's still almost immediately recognisable as a typically Kubin-ist work featuring the main ingredients his records and body-and-mind-boggling live shows are famous for. Twisted rythms and playfully clever arrangements that could have been created by a mutated reincarnation of the legendary Juan Esquivel; hauntingly ethereal tracks sounding like a narcoleptic John Carpenter playing Angelo Badalamenti arrangements; contorted Big Band music, pre-war Schlager and Vaudeville sent through a malfunctioning pre-digital time machine; Ennio Morricone cloned as a Russian male choir; instrumental workers' songs Hanns Eisler might have imagined in a feverish nightmare - it's all there, and more!

Axolotl Lullabies, a collection of remixes and compilation tracks by Felix Kubin from the years 1999-2007, including a previously unreleased track Menstruation Glamour. The Cd and LP versions are released by the Canadian label ORAL and distributed in Europe via A-Musik and Stora.

GR 2020
There are grapefruit hearts to be squeezed in the dark, a compilation of wonderful 4-track homerecording pieces by famous German writer Max Goldt. This is something for fans of German tape artists, also known as Kassettentaeter. The tracks date back to the years 1981-83 and they are full of surprises and haunting lyrics in German and English. The music is based on rhythmic minimalism and beautiful metallic noises that Max Goldt created by hammering on prepared quitar and zither.

The electricity dog musical soundtrack H.O.N.D with music by Felix Kubin and lyrics by Mariola Brillowska on A-Musik. Listen to the wonderful voice of 20-year-old Gloria Brillowska who turns into a grown-up hairbrush. Includes very colourful booklets and English text translations.

The new CD and LP Detached from all objects by Pia Burnette and Felix Kubin. Darker and more noisy than their first LP, this is the result of 6 years research on the question how far a song can be stretched until it becomes transparent

GR 2017 - also available on CD!
Wir bauen eine Stadt, a composition out of the year 1930 by Paul Hindemith for children orchestra. The amazing electronic re-interpretation of Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann released in 1981 on ATA TAK has now been re-released on Gagarin Records. We are proud like ties, or prunes, whatever...
In 1930 the German composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) wrote a series of small pieces for school orchestras. It was described as a „play for children“ depicting the construction and survey of a modern city. The unusual thing about it is the age of its inhabitants: „In our city the grown ups have no say. Our mayor is seven years old, and all uncles and aunties are children. Even the traffic warden is a child.“
Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann, founding members of the 1980's influential band Palais Schaumburg, re-interpreted the play in 1981. Their use of electronic instruments and voice effects not only gives new life to the futuristic character of the pieces, but also subtly hints to its origins in the world of adults.