The Pataphysical Tape Club

Radio Play by Felix Kubin now out on LP

The Pataphysical Tape Club is a fictional radio programme that plays pataphysical sound recordings sent in by listeners. The host of the show (Mr Kubin himself) not only introduces these recordings but also a new method of finding lost objects at home, he sings an amoeba hymn and interviews a man who apporaches women by the help of self-built musical boxes with scary noises. This 25 minute radio play was orginally conceived for the Audiotoop festival in Nijmegen, then edited to a version for and finally released on Peter Fengler's ongoing series BIG MAG. This series is made of beautifully packaged boxes each containing a split-LP, an art magazine, posters and stickers. The flip side of Kubin's radio play contains some experimental doodling by the old master Scott Faust a.k.a. Idea Fire Company.

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