Review by Mark Poysden, Vital Weekly
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By Mark Poysden, Vital Weekly

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  VARIOUS ARTISTS - PSYKOSCIFIPOPPIA (12" LP by Gagarin Records)   Yes, this is the real title of a recent 12" that appeared on the Gagarin label uberseen by Herr Felix Kubin, Lord of the Deranged. It's a wild and unpredictable compilation featuring music by some bands recently discussed in this screensheet, including stuff by Groenland Orkester and Felix himself. Side 1 contains 8 tracks by Electric Helgoland, who if their music is anything to go by are seriously in need of some sort of intergalactic psychological assistance. Persistent drum riddims march hither and thither, punctuated by nervous blips and bleeps in a flurry of succinct compositions that hammer themselves into any unsuspecting grey cells that may have had their doors left open by the jailers of sanity. Dance music for the three-legged amongst us. My favourite is surely 'Chico (V.T.O.L.)', which hauls a track or two by The Residents from out of the mire of my memory. Brezel Goring contributed four tracks, which conclude this side. They are somewhat less memorable, with the exception of 'Megaflittchen', based on a recognisable sample, which irritatingly enough, I just cannot recall the name of. Side Two starts with two tracks by Felix Kubin, both very much in his unique style. I am of the opinion that Herr Kubin is the spearhead of this wacky and unrepentant new musical beasty that is brewing (with a certain amount of fermentation) in Chermanny. He is followed by Max Kleyderstorm, whose tracks ' Kacheldackel' and 'Ruckwrtz' will probably prove irresistible to those who enjoy twisting and frooging while inverted. Groenland Orkester, whose CD 'Trigger Happiness' on Staubgold was reviewed here two weeks ago contribute the longest pieces to this record. Their approach is clever, new and fresh even if it does smell funny. The track 'Little P', which appeared on the aforementioned CD is included here. This LP is a good introduction to the recent strangeness oozing out of Chermanny's hindbrain. Worth checking out for those who enjoy an occasional musical smirk and have not immersed themselves too deeply in the marshes of musical sobriety.

Mark Poysden, Vital Weekly 202 / December 1999 (NL)